Dr Will Carey from NSW talks about prescribing CBD and using PetCann


“As a general practice vet, I am commonly treating chronic pain conditions as my patients age, including post traumatic injury, neoplasia, and frequently osteoarthritis. I began prescribing CBD isolate products to my chronic osteoarthritic patients that were scoring poorly on quality of life and chronic pain assessments, after several successes I also introduced it as a pain management tool in dogs with neoplasia (for example, peripheral limb osteosarcomas).

I am very happy with the results I have seen with its use as an adjunctive pain relief option in my canine patients, similarly, almost all of the client feedback has been exceedingly positive. In osteoarthritic patients with no co-morbidities, I introduce it in a medical pain management program following neutraceuticals, pentosan and daily anti-inflammatories. In patients with evidence of chronic kidney disease, or gastrointestinal adverse effects to NSAIDs, I will offer CBD at an earlier stage.

The medication seems to be well tolerated by all of my patients (as far as palatability) and I have not observed any adverse side effects either. After seeing the successes I’ve had with CBD, all the other vets in my practice have begun offering and prescribing CBD to patients as well – I would happily recommend it as an adjunctive pain relief option to any other clinician.

Petcann has been very convenient to deal with, their online portal is simple to use, and they currently appear to be the most cost-effective option for my clients.”

Dr Will Carey