Learn how CBD is helping these pets

Meet Zandie, Frankie and Alphonso – our PetCann ambassadors. Learn about their experience with CBD and how it may be able to help your pet too.

How CBD is helping Frankie’s itchy skin and anxious behaviours

Before he was prescribed CBD oil, Frankie had to get an injection every four weeks to treat his itchy paws and ears. Now, eight weeks can go by before pet parent Kane notices the itch. All dogs are unique and will respond differently, but a low dose two to three times a month has done the trick for Frankie.

Running again: How CBD is relieving Zandie’s severe arthritis

Since she’s been using CBD oil, Zandie can run again. She can jump up on the bed at night. And the best part? She can roll over onto her back for her favourite part of the day: belly rubs. Getting Zandie back to herself again has been as easy as dropping her CBD oil dose into her food bowl each day.

CBD for cats: the ultimate purr-tnership in tackling inflammation

After having 19 teeth removed because of an inflammatory gum disease, Alphonso was cranky, lashing out at his cat roommate and could only eat pureed food. Cat dad Beau noticed Alphonso’s behaviour dramatically changed after beginning CBD treatment. He got on better with Beau’s other cat, stopped knocking things off shelves and started eating regular cat food again.


“For more than four years we have been trying to address her constant itch.  Up until recently there was nothing visible on the skin, but the constant scratching grazed her abdomen and infection set in, resulting in several weeks of antibiotics. Medication cleared the pyoderma, but not the itch.

My vet suggested CBD oil. Over the years we have tried many skin medications with nil to moderate relief.

I was very skeptical about CBD oil, particularly with the minute dose for a German Shepherd. There was no discernible difference even after we reached the optimal bd dose, but after a few days, there was an incredible change overnight!

There is at least a 90 per cent improvement in just two weeks. There is minimal scratching, and only a few licks of her legs and paws. She is much calmer as well – likely a combination of the oil itself and relief from the constant itch. She has had a few loose stools, but nothing to be concerned about. I cannot express how happy we are with the product. The fact that it doesn’t come with the adverse side effects that other medications have is a big plus.”

– Jackie, pet parent, NSW.


I’ve noticed Courage’s appetite is still strong and his happy, playful demeanor has remained the same since starting the CBD oil treatment.

He had lost weight during the first week of chemo but once starting the oil he had gained weight back on and is nearly at his normal weight.
His bloods seem to be staying at an optimal level to proceed with the chemotherapy since starting the CBD oil treatment.

The oil being flavoured makes it palatable for courage to take orally and easier to administer. Also I have not noticed any unwanted side effects from this form of treatment.

I think it should be highly considered and recommended to anybody whose pet is going through chemotherapy, as I believe it provides an extra level of quality of life whilst going through such a taxing ordeal. 10/10 stars.

– Dylan, pet parent VIC