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We believe Aussie pets deserve to experience the limitless potential of plant-based therapies to get them back on track and help them feel their best. 

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We know how much you care. We do too.

Pets are part of the family and deserve the option to benefit from the incredible potential of CBD therapies.

PetCann exists to make plant-based care within reach for vets and pet parents.

Pioneering safe CBD treatments

PetCann is an Australian pioneer of innovative, cannabinoid-derived therapeutic products for animals.

Connecting scientists and vets

We are nurturing a community of scientists, vets and pets parents – providing better health outcomes for pets.

Devoted to healthy, happy pets

We create better access for vets and pet parents so we can help pets live healthier, fuller lives.

CBD oil for dogs and cats can be life changing

PetCann supports pet parents throughout Australia by connecting them to local vets with an understanding of and access to cannabidiol medicines specifically formulated for pets.

PetCann is aligned with Australia’s market leader

Cannatrek cultivate, manufacture and distribute premium grade medicinal cannabis for patients around Australia and the world.

They are Australian owned, sustainability focussed and growing a future for plant-based medicine on Australian soil.

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