9 signs your dog loves you 

Just like any proud pet parent, you’ve likely wondered whether your four-legged companion genuinely adores you or simply relies on you for survival. We lavish our furry friends with belly rubs and snuggles but does their love go beyond us being a source of treats? The good news is that they absolutely do love us back and here’s how you can tell.

1. Leaning on you 

When your dog leans their full weight against your legs, it’s a sign that they trust you. Leaning is like hugging for a dog, so they’re showing their love for you. It’s important to let your dog come and sit with you on their own terms rather than forcing them when they’re not ready.

2. Soft eye contact 

Eye contact can be perceived as a challenge in the canine world. A small, young or timid dog may avert their eyes to submit to an alpha. Just like humans gaze into each other’s eyes, so do dogs with their humans. When your dog looks at you, oxytocin (the happy hormone) is released in their brain. When the whites of your dog’s eyes aren’t visible, it means they’re especially comfortable around you.

3. Greeting you and following you 

Dogs may jump, bark, whine or happy cry when they’re excited you’re back. You may also find that they follow you all around the house. When out walking off leash, your dog may look back at you to check in and make sure the pack is sticking together.

4. Tail wagging 

Dogs communicate a lot through their tails and if it furiously wags when they see you, it’s a sign of their love for you. If your dog’s tail is slightly raised or straight up when they’re around you, it’s a sign that your pet is happy.

5. Recognises your name 

We know that dogs can recognise their own name, but did you know that, over time, they can recognise your name too? If your dog wags their tail or barks when they hear your name, it means they associate you with good things.

6. Licking 

When a dog licks you, they’re giving you kisses. It can also be a sign that they want more cuddles or pats.

7. Shares toys 

Besides treats, your dog’s toys are probably their favourite things, so when they bring them to you, they’re showing that they trust you. Dogs love playtime and if they choose you to be close to and spend their time with, then they are showing that they love you.

8. Sleeps near you 

Sleep is a vulnerable time for any pet, so if your dog sleeps near you it’s a big indicator of trust and that they consider you part of their pack.

9. Shows their belly 

Like sleeping, exposing their soft belly is a vulnerable move for a dog so it’s a big sign of love and trust when they roll over for belly rubs.

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