How CBD is helping Frankie’s itchy skin and anxious behaviours 

With a skin condition that makes him scratch his paws and ears all day long, Frankie wasn’t the happiest pooch. As a lockdown pup, he experiences separation anxiety even when it’s just a bathroom door between him and his pet parents Kane and Pia. On top of that, there have been a lot of strangers walking by his lookout spot near the balcony lately – and way too much drilling! – because of construction happening in their apartment building. 

Before he was prescribed CBD oil, Frankie’s increasingly itchy feet and ears throughout the month would signal to Kane and Pia that it was time to head to the vet for another injection to help treat his skin condition. Usually every four weeks. Now, eight weeks can go by before they notice the itch. 

‘It’s not something that we give Frankie every day or every week,’ says Kane. ‘It’s on a needs basis.’ Kane has seen massive improvements in Frankie’s day-to-day health and happiness after giving CBD oil two to three times a month. All dogs are unique and will respond differently, but this low dose has done the trick for Frankie. 

‘Frankie has been a lot calmer when we leave the house. He’s not stressed, he’s not scratching at the door. He’s not barking and annoying the poor neighbours. He’s able to be calm and relaxed in his own skin and feel like he can enjoy his time at the house when we’re not there.’ 

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