Running again: How CBD is relieving Zandie’s severe arthritis 

When she was a pup, Zandie got hit by a car and hurt her hip. As she got older, she could no longer run or jump, and lying down or bending her legs to sit took a whole lot of effort. 

An x-ray revealed that Zandie had severe arthritis in the back of her spine and hips. Her vet prescribed a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory medication and green-lipped muscle. It worked for a while. Kinda. But it came with its risks. Pet parent Judi had to take Zandie for a blood test every six months to check for kidney and liver damage. 

Judi discussed plant-based alternatives with her vet and, in collaboration with PetCann, Zandie was prescribed CBD oil. It’s as easy as putting the oil onto Zandie’s food each day. Since she’s been using the oil, Zandie can run again. She can jump up on the bed at night. And the best part? She can roll over onto her back for belly rubs. 

‘She jumps up and down whenever she sees the food coming out and she eats like a Labrador,’ says Judi. ‘She’s almost like a pup again with her energy and personality back.’ 

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