How therapeutic plant-based products for pets can help 

Experts have demonstrated that CBD, or medicinal cannabis, may help to reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis in both humans and animals. The Arthritis Foundation in the US suggests that CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Closer to home, Arthritis New South Wales reports that CBD helps reduce pain and inflammation. 

At PetCann, our data shows that chronic pain and arthritis are currently the most common reasons vets are prescribing CBD for pets. In the case of osteoarthritis and pets, it’s most common for CBD to complement existing supplements and pharmaceutical medications for pets. Once your pet’s veterinarian has established the right dosage for their specific circumstances, you can expect to see results from CBD quite quickly. You might even be able to reduce the dosage or the need for other medications altogether. This can be beneficial if other medications trigger side effects for your pet (often the case), and of course, there are potential savings on the cost of medications to factor in too.  

Please remember that non-prescription sources of medicinal cannabis are not legal or safe. Always talk to your vet if you’re concerned about your pet’s health or think pet medicines prescribed by professionals, like medicinal cannabis, might be right for them. 


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